Whether you’re planning a wee tea party, a festival sized fiesta or feel like treating 20,000 people to ice cream in Iceland – we are the people who put the ART in to PARTY.

From the brains behind Australia’s first pop up hotel with its ground breaking Hangover Spa, Prescriptions Bar, Mobile Room Service and much much more, our vision is simple; its all about the WOW factor.

Be it a herd of 20ft inflatable cows, to a mobile wedding chapel for twenty – our party planning and festival experience is unique and bold. If you like a little fizz in your gin and a little sin is your thing – drop us a line.
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Smooth Sailing

For most festivals organisers, the stress of booking acts and selling tickets sometimes consumes the creative process. The creative process is where we shine. We’d like to give you the standard events company one liner and massage your ego by telling you we turn your vision into a reality, but lets be honest here…

You’re reading this because your missing the wacko in Jacko and the event needs some love in the ‘holy fuck’ department. Our concepts are bold. We worry about the wow factor. And work to strict budgets – to leave you with the all important ticket sales!

Project Management

Blowing up a 30ft rubber duck and spray tanning 100 naked women blue is certainly an eye opener, but looking past the fluff – an event of this magnitude is serious business. From town planning to traffic management, to bar design and health and safety – the process of management is as important as the headlining act.

We can either project manage your whole event, drawing in the countries best providors, or we can simply manage and direct your team. With over 20 years in the business of bars, clubs, events and design – we know the drill

Step Right Up

Your brand, your business – all in lights. Get your product out there, either as a supplier or as a customer of Festival Pimps.

State of the Art

Here at festival pimps we are no strangers to technology. In this day and age technology plays a major role in the operations of a festival. No service? It’s ok we will bring the radio tower.

No really. We employ the latest and greatest in planning programs to ensure everything runs smoothly on your end. Be it a simple organisational schedule to a custom designed app to help your party roll – We have the technology!

Who Needs Awards?

We can all stand around circle jerking each other, but if you must know – our team is made up of some of melbournes biggest party hitters. From the loosest larkins, to the corporate cannons ( who will tell me off for writing this ) we have combined a team of top-shelf management from all walks of life. Some have booked the biggest acts in music, others have fed them.

We only work with the best. For instance, Our food truck and festival fare management will tell you whats hot and what grot. Who needs deep fried dim sims when you can have hot lobster rolls. From the best in bars to the queen of hangover spas, our team is for HIRE!

Throwing a festival? treating some clients to a get away? Have a special location that’s missing a hotel?

Give your event or festival the edge – and talk to us about a pop up hotel!

From a concierge desk to room service, Festival Pimps offers the full hotel experience, ensuring that your clients enjoy a buffer of comfort from the usual hassle of camping and outdoor entertainment. With a options ranging from spacious authentic Tipis for ten to Luxury Bell Tents for couples. We have it all.

We are also the exclusive suppliers of Unidome © and PodPads © to the Australian market, so you are guaranteed to be one of the very first events to offer this unique and forward thinking ‘on-site’ accommodation.

We take our festival food seriously – It’s not just about throwing a bunch of taco trucks under the stars and hoping for the best.

From the best in shanghai to the fanciest beef pie, our food sourcing and supply service takes into account all the important factors like demographic, music, location and more. We also have access to the countries best shakers – from cold press organic juice bars, to parisian vodka martini spas – your guests will be exposed to the best in the business.

Get ready to be pimped

From events, festivals, functions and parties – Festival Pimps have you covered.

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